WL Series- Medium-High Vacuum

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Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter
Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter

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WL Series Vacuum Filters are designed for a variety of industrial and semiconductor process applications. The WL Series is ideal for medium-high vacuum furnaces and vacuum coating applications.  All WL Filters comes standard with NW (also known as KF or QF) and ISO flange options and replaceable filter elements that offer great protection and longevity for long process vacuum systems. All Housings in this series are 100% helium leak tested to ensure vacuum integrity to 1x 10-5 mbar/l/s.

WL Technical Features

W16 - NW40 Flange Connections:

  • ISO flange connections
    • Stainless steel ISO flange
    • Buna o-ring sealed
  • Seamless drawn housings
  • Corrosive resistant carbon steel construction
  • Powder coat finish (black models)
  • O-ring housing seal
  • Stainless steel torsion clips

K100 - K320 Connections:

  • ISO-K stainless steel flanges standard
  • Machined flange surface to RMS63, uncoated
  • High quality vacuum service components
  • Corrosive resistant black powder coat carbon steel
  • KF10 differential ports for accurate vacuum ΔP readings
  • Machined & polished sealing surfaces on ISO flange faces for reliable vacuum performance on all flange types
  • K200 housings and larger have domed lid to minimize deflection and increase durability


WL Technical Specifications

  • Rated vacuum leak rate of 1x10-5 mbar/l/sec or better (verified by helium leak test)
  • Temp (continuous): min -15°F (-26°C) max 220°F (104°C)
  • Filter change out differential: 28 – 37 Torr over initial ΔP
  • Polyester: 99%+ efficiency to 5 micron

WL Options

NW16 - NW40 Flange Connections:

  • Contact factory for larger sizes & ISO flanges
  • Viton seals
  • Stainless steel (select models)
  • Activated alumina, activated zeolite media available for foreline trap and other applications
  • ATEX Filters Available

K100 - K320 Connections:

  • Filter media options available to meet strict process requirements: PTFE, PTFE Glass, SS mesh, and more
  • If required, tanks can be tested to a lower leak rate
  • ATEX Filters Available
WL-235P-K100K100K100ISO Flange52028.19912.2518.5Polyester5235PADD TO CART
WL-238-K100BK100K100ISO Flange52016.189.3113.259.14Paper2238ADD TO CART
WL-239-K100BK100K100ISO Flange52016.189.3113.259.14Polyester5239ADD TO CART
WL-335P-K100K100K100ISO Flange52028.19912.2518.5Polyester5335PADD TO CART
WL-275P-K160K160K160ISO Flange110030.191216.2520.5Polyester5275PADD TO CART
WL-375P-K160K160K160ISO Flange110030.191216.2520.5Polyester5375PADD TO CART
WL-377P-K200K200K200ISO Flange1800441420.3825.5Polyester5377PADD TO CART
WL-385P-K250K250K250ISO Flange290053.6916.1324.3834Polyester5385PADD TO CART
WL-485P-K320K320K320ISO Flange467053.6916.1324.3834Polyester5485PADD TO CART
WL-685P-K320K320K320ISO Flange495364.8816.1324.3845Polyester5685PADD TO CART
WL-850-K63BK63K63ISO Flange21011.567.686.5Paper2850ADD TO CART
WL-851-K63BK63K63ISO Flange21011.567.686.5Polyester5851ADD TO CART
WL-824-NW16BNW16NW16ISO Flange233.882.633.752.25Paper2824ADD TO CART
WL-824-NW16ENNW16NW16ISO Flange233.882.633.752.25Paper2824ADD TO CART
WL-825-NW16BNW16NW16ISO Flange233.882.633.752.25Polyester5825ADD TO CART
WL-825-NW16ENNW16NW16ISO Flange233.882.633.752.25Polyester5825ADD TO CART
WL-824-NW25BNW25NW25ISO Flange253.882.633.752.25Paper2824ADD TO CART
WL-824-NW25ENNW25NW25ISO Flange253.882.633.752.25Paper2824ADD TO CART
WL-825-NW25BNW25NW25ISO Flange253.882.633.752.25Polyester5825ADD TO CART
WL-825-NW25ENNW25NW25ISO Flange253.882.633.752.25Polyester5825ADD TO CART
WL-842-NW25BNW25NW25ISO Flange354.383.385.752.75Paper2842ADD TO CART
WL-842-NW25ENNW25NW25ISO Flange354.383.385.752.75Paper2842ADD TO CART
WL-843-NW25BNW25NW25ISO Flange354.383.385.752.75Polyester5843ADD TO CART
WL-843-NW25ENNW25NW25ISO Flange354.383.385.752.75Polyester5843ADD TO CART
WL-842-NW40BNW40NW40ISO Flange554.383.385.752.75Paper2842ADD TO CART
WL-842-NW40ENNW40NW40ISO Flange554.383.385.752.75Paper2842ADD TO CART
WL-843-NW40BNW40NW40ISO Flange554.383.385.752.75Polyester5843ADD TO CART
WL-843-NW40ENNW40NW40ISO Flange554.383.385.752.75Polyester5843ADD TO CART
WL-848-NW40BNW40NW40ISO Flange807.194.637.385Paper2848ADD TO CART
WL-848-NW40ENNW40NW40ISO Flange807.194.637.385Paper2848ADD TO CART
WL-849-NW40BNW40NW40ISO Flange807.194.637.385Polyester5849ADD TO CART
WL-849-NW40ENNW40NW40ISO Flange807.194.637.385Polyester5849