Paper Media 2 Microns

vacuum filtration
Paper vacuum filter media

End Cap Styles

  • B = Closed one end with bolt hole, open on other end
  • C = Closed one end, open on other end
  • F = Felt gaskets on open endcaps
  • G = Galvanized metal
  • H = Felt gasket on bolt hole
  • M = Molded plastisol
  • N = Neoprene blended gasket on open endcaps
  • R = Mixed rubber/cork gasket on open endcaps

Industrial Strength Replacement Paper Media Elements, 99%+ removal efficiency to 2 µm


  • Heavy duty industrial strength paper surrounded by heavy gauge galvanized expanded metal
  • Temp (continuous): min -15° F ( -26° C) max 220° F (104° C)
  • Filter change out differential: 15-20" H2O (37-50 mbar) over initial delta P
  • 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 2 microns
  • Pleated media for high dirt holding capacity


  • Polyester/Paper Media with SS ID/OD, J Series (select sizes)
  • Polyester/Paper Media with SS ID/OD, Food Grade Silicone Endcaps, K Series (select sizes)
  • Polyester/Paper Media with SS ID/OD/EC, Q Series (select sizes)
  • Polyester/Paper Media with SS ID/OD/EC, Silicone Endcap Adhesive, R Series (select sizes)
  • Atex Certification (select models)
  • Various gaskets or potting compounds
Paper Vacuum Pump Filter Media
Paper Vacuum Pump Filter Media
23Paper21.551OtherADD TO CART
48Paper22.251OtherADD TO CART
612Paper231.37OtherADD TO CART
815Paper22.251.122.25MADD TO CART
1035Paper241.37OtherADD TO CART
10050Paper23.871.252.75MADD TO CART
101120Paper26.624.55.12MADD TO CART
10285Paper27.755.683MADD TO CART
103520Paper29.757.255.93MADD TO CART
105205Paper26.935.095.81MADD TO CART
106400Paper2127.754.5MADD TO CART
107P20Paper22.751.182.5MADD TO CART
10860Paper25.753.622.87MADD TO CART
109170Paper27.755.624MADD TO CART
12160Paper26.254.754.75MADD TO CART
123150Paper213.6211.53MADD TO CART
124195Paper213.6211.54.12MADD TO CART
12590Paper231.634.93MADD TO CART
12735Paper24.3732.12MADD TO CART
1435Paper24.3732.31MADD TO CART
14P35Paper24.3732.31MADD TO CART
16250Paper283.25MADD TO CART
18100Paper24.3734.75MADD TO CART
18J100SS Paper24.3734.75MADD TO CART
18JP100SS Paper24.3734.75MADD TO CART
18P100Paper24.3734.75MADD TO CART
230300Paper25.753.629.5MADD TO CART
230J300SS Paper25.753.629.5MADD TO CART
230JP300SS Paper25.753.629.5MADD TO CART
230P300Paper25.753.629.5MADD TO CART
234570Paper27.874.759.62MADD TO CART
234J570SS Paper27.874.759.62MADD TO CART
234JP570SS Paper27.874.759.62MADD TO CART
234P570Paper27.874.759.38MADD TO CART
238570Paper29.224.8510.5GBNADD TO CART
238P570Paper29.224.8510.5GBNADD TO CART
24105Paper25.873.624MADD TO CART
244880Paper29.7569.62MADD TO CART
244J880SS Paper29.7569.62MADD TO CART
244JP880SS Paper29.7569.62MADD TO CART
244P880Paper29.7569.62MADD TO CART
2540800Paper29611.63MADD TO CART
2741100Paper211.7589.62GNADD TO CART
274P1100Paper211.7589.62GNADD TO CART
274Q1100SS Paper211.7589.62GNADD TO CART
274QP1100SS Paper211.7589.62GNADD TO CART
30195Paper25.753.624.75MADD TO CART
30P195Paper25.753.624.75MADD TO CART
32-00125Paper25.8142MADD TO CART
32-02175Paper264.252.5MADD TO CART
32-04350Paper29.757.254MADD TO CART
32-06500Paper29.757.256MADD TO CART
32-08800Paper211.59.877MADD TO CART
32-101100Paper213.6311.638.81MADD TO CART
32-123000Paper2171310MADD TO CART
32-144300Paper2231914MADD TO CART
32-16N/APaper26.884.754.19MADD TO CART
32-18N/APaper210.197.135.13MADD TO CART
32-20N/APaper212.569.54.88MADD TO CART
32-22N/APaper212.569.510MADD TO CART
32-24N/APaper219.751514MADD TO CART
334800Paper27.874.7514.5MADD TO CART
334J800SS Paper27.874.7514.5MADD TO CART
334JP800SS Paper27.874.7514.5MADD TO CART
334P800Paper27.874.7514.5MADD TO CART
34275Paper27.874.754.81MADD TO CART
3441100Paper29.75614.5GNADD TO CART
344P1100Paper29.75614.5GNADD TO CART
34P275Paper27.874.754.81MADD TO CART
3701800Paper213.751014.5GNADD TO CART
370P1800Paper213.751014.5GNADD TO CART
3741500Paper211.75814.5GNADD TO CART
374P1500Paper211.75814.5GNADD TO CART
374QP1500SS Paper211.75814.5GADD TO CART
3761825Paper214.62914.5GNADD TO CART
376P1825Paper214.62914.5GNADD TO CART
376Q1825SS Paper214.62914.5GNADD TO CART
376QP1825SS Paper214.62914.5GNADD TO CART
3843300Paper219.621414.5GNADD TO CART
384P3300Paper219.621414.5GNADD TO CART
384Q3300SS Paper219.621414.5GNADD TO CART
384QP3300SS Paper219.621414.5GNADD TO CART
3905500Paper227.8822.2515GNADD TO CART
44430Paper29.7564.75MADD TO CART
44P430Paper29.7564.75MADD TO CART
4844705Paper219.621421.5GNADD TO CART
484P4705Paper219.621421.5GNADD TO CART
4908000Paper227.8822.2522GNADD TO CART
74P560Paper211.7585MADD TO CART
80175Paper27.874.123MADD TO CART
8025Paper21.130.381.5GBADD TO CART
8049Paper21.130.382.44GBADD TO CART
8068Paper21.50.51.5GBADD TO CART
8084Paper21.50.51.13GBADD TO CART
80P175Paper27.874.123MADD TO CART
81013Paper21.50.52.44GBADD TO CART
8128Paper21.50.51.5GCADD TO CART
81413Paper22.310.691.56GBADD TO CART
81613Paper22.310.691.56GCADD TO CART
81820Paper22.310.692.44GBADD TO CART
82018Paper22.310.692GBADD TO CART
8227Paper22.6911GBADD TO CART
82425Paper22.51.52.68GCADD TO CART
82620Paper22.51.52.81GCFADD TO CART
82812Paper22.51.51.75GCADD TO CART
83024Paper22.512.88GBADD TO CART
83219Paper22.51.52.69GCFADD TO CART
83440Paper22.51.54.5GBHFADD TO CART
83648Paper22.51.56.56GBHFADD TO CART
83830Paper23.312.382.75GCFADD TO CART
84080Paper23.631.755.63GADD TO CART
84255Paper23.872.372.75GADD TO CART
842P55Paper23.872.372.75GADD TO CART
842Q55SS Paper23.872.372.75GADD TO CART
84455Paper23.872.372.75GCFADD TO CART
84662Paper23.872.373.94GADD TO CART
848115Paper252.564.75GNADD TO CART
848P115Paper252.564.75GADD TO CART
848Q115SS Paper252.564.75GADD TO CART
84P255Paper27.874.124MADD TO CART
850290Paper25.873.58.75GRADD TO CART
850/1290Paper25.883.58.63GBRADD TO CART
850/1P290Paper25.883.58.63GBRADD TO CART
850P290Paper25.873.58.75GRADD TO CART
850Q290SS Paper25.873.58.75GADD TO CART
85224Paper22.691.52.75GCADD TO CART
85427Paper21.50.55.33GBADD TO CART
856375Paper2107.697.69GADD TO CART
858152Paper25.873.54.87GADD TO CART
862322Paper28.385.696.44MADD TO CART
86825Paper23.692.382.94MADD TO CART
878115Paper252.564.75GBADD TO CART
89680Paper242.378.44GBADD TO CART