Vacuum Pump Technology

Vacuum is an atmosphere where advanced processes can form and take shape. Accurate measurement of vacuum processes is extremely important for quality and repeatability of the final product. There is not one type of vacuum gauge sensor that can span the entire range of vacuum. Customer requirements can also vary where a digital display may or may not be needed. Either the reading is taken at the sensor location or a voltage or RS485 signal is sent to a remote location for recording. Rough vacuum from atmosphere to the low mbar range is most commonly measured with a pirani sensor. In high vacuum, a Bayert Alpert Hot Ion technology is very common and effective. These two technologies provide the economical cost and accuracy needed for most vacuum application processes.

Busch DTP 400

The Busch DPT 400 Vacuum Gauge is a very highly reliable pirani micro-controlled vacuum gauge.  The DTP 400 comes standard with 2 set points and  can be ordered with or without the display. Bake out is possible to 150 degrees C with electronics removed. Standard communications is 0-10V and RS485 interface. Should the user need a rank mountable readout, a two or four channel display can be provided.

The DPT 400 C version uses a Platinum / Rhodium filament for corrosive applications.

Measurement Range 1000 mbar to 0.0001 millibar


Measurement Uncertainty (% of reading)

< 30% (1000–20 mbar)

< 10% (20–2∙10-3 mbar)

< factor 2 (< 2∙10-3 mbar)


Measurement Uncertainty C Version (% of reading)

< 30% (1000–10 mbar)

< 10% (10–1∙10-2 mbar) < factor

< factor 2 (< 1∙10-2 mbar)




Busch DTP 400 Pirani Vacuum Gauge Sensor

Busch Pirani Vacuum Gauge
Busch Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Busch DPH 400

The Busch DPH 400 Vacuum Gauge is a micro-controlled combination gauge, incorporating a pirani and Bayert-Alpert Hot Ion vacuum technologies. The pirani provides measurement from atmosphere to the low millibar range where the hot ion sensor takes over to measure as low 5x10-10 mbar.

Measurement Range 1000 mbar to 10-10 mbar millibar


Measurement Uncertainty (% of reading)

< 30% (1000–10 mbar)
< 10% (10–1∙10-8 mbar)


Repeatability of measurement (% of reading)

± 2% (10–1∙10-2 mbar)
± 5% (1∙10-2 –1∙10-8 mbar)


Busch DPH 400 Pirani Vacuum Gauge Sensor

Busch Hot Ion Vacuum Gauge
Busch Hot Ion Vacuum Gauge no display

Busch TTP 900

The Busch TTP 900 Vacuum Gauge isa battery operated pirani vacuum gauge sensor with display. The TTP 900 is perfect for portable applications like vacuum pump pressure validation or for service call applications. Data reporting and visualization is possible through the USB interface for up to 2000 measurements.


Measurement Range 100 mbar to 10-4 mbar


Measurement Uncertainty (% of reading)

< 30% (100–20 mbar)
< 10% (20–1∙10-2 mbar)
< factor 2 (< 1∙ 10-2 mbar)




Busch TTP 900 Battery Powered Pirani 

BuschTPP 900 Battery Powered Pirani
Busch Battery Powered Pirani

Busch CTR 2 and 4 Channel Vacuum Gauge Controller/Display

The Busch CTR offers 2 and 4 channel  for simultaneous operation with two or four vacuum gauges. The CTR can be used either as table top or as rack mount and provide intuitive menu navigation and full control of each transmitter. Parameters such as gas type correction factor, pressure units, setpoints and other beneficial functions are easily adjustable. Remote data collection and operation can be achieved with the optional VacTest explorer software. Data logging and parameter settings can be via USB.




Busch VACTEST CTR 002/004

Busch Vacuum Gauge  Controller

Additional Vacuum Gauge Sensors Available
(Operates with the CTR 2 or 4)

GTP 100 C Analog Transmitter Pirani  Corrosion Resistant

The Analog Transmitter GTP 100 C is a corrosion resistant Pirani vacuum gauge ideal for challenging applications.

Busch VacTest Capacitive Steel Degassing Vacuum Gauge Sensor

Designed for steel degassing or other applications requiring accurate pressure measurement in the range of 200 to 0.1 mbar