DSV-DEE Oil Mist & Odor Filters

vacuum filtration
Oil mist filter with odor removal
oil mist filter with odor removal drawing

The DSV is a vacuum pump discharge filter that offers two stages of filtration to remove oil mist along with undesirable odors from the vacuum pump exhaust. Offering a compact, straight-through design, the DSV is equipped with integrated drain port (DEE Series includes back pressure valve) to evacuate any collected contaminates. This two-stage design begins with a proprietary coalescing media that cleans the discharge air by capturing and coalescing oil mist. An adsorptive activated carbon cartridge then takes the exhaust and removes residual vapors or odors. The DSV is easily disassembled and serviced without the use of tools. This allows for fast filter change and minimal downtime.

DSV/DEE Filter Applications

Applications & Equipment
Vacuum Pumps & Systems
Vacuum Furnaces & Ovens
Vacuum Freeze Drying & Outgassing
Vacuum Metalizing
Vacuum Drying
Vacuum Coating
Custom Vacuum Pumping Systems
Food Processing & Packaging
Industrial Vacuum Processes

Medical Work Areas
Industrial Aerosol Scrubbing
Heat Treating Equipment
Vacuum Hold Down
Routing Equipment
Laboratory Industry
Leak Detectors
Autoclaving, Sterilization
Reciprocating Engines
Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Technical Specifications

  • 0.3 micron media; 99.97% efficiency
  • Continuous operating temp: 32°F (0°C) to 180°F (80°C)

DSV/DEE Features

  • Corrosive resistant white powder coat carbon steel
  • Primary filter captures and coalesces oil entrained in air stream
  • Activated carbon element removes offensive odors generated by the process
  • Back pressure valve designed to release pressure at 7.35 psig. (0.5 bar) differential for pump saftey
  • Convenient access drain port
DSV-PSG725/AC10-NW25NW25NW25ISO Flange128.380.870.874Coalescing0.3PSG725
DEE-PSG725/AC10-NW16NW16NW16ISO Flange128.380.870.874Coalescing0.3PSG725
DSV-PSG725/AC10-NW16NW16NW16ISO Flange128.380.870.874Coalescing0.3PSG725
DEE-PSG725/AC10-NW25NW25NW25ISO Flange128.380.870.874Coalescing0.3PSG725