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Vacuum Oil

Vacuum pumps and applications differ which can affect the type of oil needed to provide the longest uptime and reliability for the vacuum pump. At Apex, we provide the type of oil recommended by the OEM manufacturer of the vacuum pump for the customer's application. Vacuum oil is not "one size fits all".  Local suppliers typically want to provide one type of oil for all pumps and may not have any idea of process concerns. Pump OEM's oils are typically very expensive relative to ours. .

We also provide synthetic PFPE oil in both new and reclaimed. Reclaimed oil can be half the price of new and just as good

To obtain a cross reference quotation, just contact us or fill the form below with type of oil and vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump Parts
Most Major Pump Manufacturers

Apex is happy to be able to supply vacuum pump parts and spare parts kits for most major vacuum pump manufacturers. These parts perform as well as OEM parts and are less expensive. Another advantage is that we are the one source to go to for access to most all pump parts needed in your facility. In addition to pump parts, we also handle accessories for the same pumps. These accessories include items such as mist filters, dust filters and more.

Below is a listing of Pump Manufacturers we supply:

Leybold Vacuum
Edwards Vacuum
Welch Vacuum
Busch Vacuum
Pfeiffer Vacuum
Stokes Vacuum

Fisher Scientific
Precision Scientific
Anest Iwata