Helium Leak Detection

Phoenix Quadro, Magnto and Vario

Available models:

Phoenix Quadro Helium Leak Detector- this unit has a rotary vane vacuum pump and represents the portable high sensitivity solution for leak checking.

Phoenix Quadro Dry Helium Leak Detector- our portable dry pump solution for applications that cannot have an oil roughing pump

Phoenix Magno  Helium Leak Detector- the leak detector for production applications requiring a larger dry scroll roughing pump or rotary vane pumps

Phoenix Vario  Helium Leak Detector- the leak detector for production applications where an external pump is chosen to match the application.

Phoenix Quadro, Magneto & Vario

  • Options for wet (oil sealed backing pump) and dry pump models
  • Larger pump options with the Phoenix Magno or Vario
  • Wireless Browser Network using a SmartPhone or Tablet as the Remote
  • 36 month filament warranty- longest filament warranty of any manufacturer
  • Long history known as the most robust helium leak detector on the market
  • Can detect masses 2 (Hydrogen) 3 (Helium 3) and 4 (Helium)
  • Partial Flow available for use in pumping large vacuum systems
  • QT 100 sniffing system for applications requiring hose lengths to 100 ft.

The Phoenix Series is available in both wet (oil pump) and dry configurations. For production applications, the Phoenix Magno, or Phoenix Vario Helium Leak Detectors incorporates a separate higher capacity vacuum pump for quick evacuation. The Phoenix Quadro Dry Helium Leak Detector is designed for clean rooms and other areas where particulates are a concern.

Phoenix Family of Helium Leak Detectors

The Phoenix Family of Helium Leak Detectors provides the solution for precise helium leak detection applications. The Phoenix Family are portable/transportable solutions for sniffing and vacuum helium applications. With the large display, easy integration menu and the industry leading 36 month filament warranty, the Phoenix represents the leading solution in helium leak detection.

Control the Quadro through your iPhone, Android, Tablet or Touchscreen

Use your IPhone to Control the Phoenix Quadro

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Simply use Your Tablet or Smart Phone as a remote with our Browser Interface

Leybold Vacuum Quadro Leak Rate Display

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Phoenix Helium Leak Detector Models

Leybold Quadro Helium Leak Detector

Phoenix Quadro Helium Leak Detector

The Phoenix Quadro is a compact helium leak detector with roughing pump (Leybold D2.5E) inside the unit. The Phoenix Quadro is a portable unit good for leak checking vacuum systems, use at power plants for leak checking condensers and other general applications where precise leak detection is needed.

Phoenix Quadro Helium Leak Detector Manual

Leybold Dry Helium Leak Detection

Phoenix Quadro Dry Helium Leak Detector

The Phoenix Quadro Dry is the oil-less version of the Phoenix Quadro with diaphragm roughing pump instead of an oil-sealed pump. The Phoenix 300i Dry is a portable unit perfect for leak checking vacuum systems where oil cannot be tolerated in the system.

Phoenix Quadro Dry Helium Leak Detector Manual

Leybold Phoenix Magno

Phoenix Magno Helium Leak Detector

The Phoenix Magno comes with a larger wet or dry pump that allows for quicker evacuation. Production applications require quicker pump down to meet application production rates.

Phoenix Quadro Dry Helium Leak Detector Manual

Leybold Phoenix Vario

Phoenix Vario Helium Leak Detector

The Phoenix Vario allows the user to pick the right vacuum pump to fit your application. This allows for versatility when the application changes. It also allows the user to upgrade to dry pumps in the future.

Phoenix Vario Helium Leak Detector Manual

Introduction to the Phoenix Helium Leak Detectors


Leak Checking Vacuum Systems
Leak Checking Vacuum Chambers
Power Plant Condenser Leak Detection
Helium Sniffing
Parts Leak Checking
Helium Bombing
Leak Checking Vacuum Jacketed Lines


Accessories Available

Sniffer Probe for Phoenix 300i Helium Leak Detector
Sniffer Probe

The sniffer probe is a hand held sniffer accessory for the Phoenix 300i. The button on the remote zeros the unit when connected to the Phoenix 300i. There is a green "go" and red "leak" indicator on the probe.


Phoenix Quadro Helium Leak Detector Cart
Phoenix Quadro Cart

This cart is for the Phoenix Quadro Helium Leak Detector.

Helium Leak Detector Contamination Filter
Contamination Inlet  Filter

Dust, dirt and particulate can over time severely damage an expensive an expensive mass spectrometer helium leak detector. The LDL/LDS Series Helium Leak Detector Filter traps particles before they can get into mass spec. Can be used on all models of helium leak detectors.

Phoenix 300i QT100 Sniffer
QT 100 Sniffer

The QT 100 is used if you need to use a helium sniffer at a length greater than the standard sniffer probe of 16 ft. The QT 100 can be used for distances of up to 100 ft. There is a separate pump in the QT 100 to help draw in the sample.

QT 100 Line and Sniffer Probe
QT 100 Line

This is the probe and line that goes with the QT 100 for distances up to 100 ft. 

Phoenix 300i Partial Flow Valve
Partial Flow Valve

The Partial Flow Valve is used when the Phoenix 300i is used in vacuum mode but the volume of the vessel or chamber to be leak checked is too big for the rough pump in the Phoenix 300i to handle. The Partial Flow Valve opens/closes based on a signal from the Phoenix 300i. Once under vacuum, the Partial Flow Valve tries to close to maintain ultimate helium sensitivity for small leaks.


Helium Spray Gun
Helium Spray Gun

The Helium Spray Gun is used to spray helium at very low flow when conducting a vacuum leak check. Using too much helium contaminates the environment and increases the background of helium in the area, making it more difficult to leak check.