Replace Mass Flow Controller or Meter

Replace Other Companies Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

Replace Mass Flow Controller with a Plug-N-Play Solution

At Apex Vacuum, we can provide you with our multi-gas and speedy performance with a plug-N-play solution to replace mass flow controller or mass flow meter you use presently.. If your present unit is obsolete or you are ready for better performance for your application, we can help. With our Apex solution, we provide drop in communication pin outs and connectors so that your process never knows that performance just got improved.

We can provide:

  • MKS, Brooks, Porter and many other manufacturer drop in replacements
  • 130 Gas Multi-Gas On-Board Capability- to reduce the number of spares required
  • Speedy Fast Performance - 10 millisecond for meters and 100 millisecond for controllers updating
  • PID Programming Capability- Should you need to fine tune your Apex instrument
  • Software and LabView communications
  • All this and more for a lower than expected price

Mass Flow Controllers We Can Replace

Brooks Instruments

Brooks 0550 Series
Brooks 5800S Series
Brooks 5850 Series
Brooks 5860 Series
Brooks 6256 Series
Brooks SLA 4800 Series
Brooks SLA 5800 Series
Brooks SLA 6800 Series

MKS Instruments

MKS 1159 Series
MKS 1179 Series
MKS 1259 Series
MKS 1559 Series
MKS 1559a Series
MKS 1579 Series
MKS 1579a Series
MKS 2259 Series


Aalborg GFC Mass Flow Controller
Aalborg DFC Mass Flow Controller
Aalborg AFC Mass Flow Controller


Omega 2600 Series
Omega FMA-700A
Omega FMA-800A
Omega FMA5400
Omega FMA5500


Tylan  FC-260 Series
Tylan FC-280 Series
Tylan FC-2900 Series


Aera FC-760
Aera FC-770
Aera FC-7600
Aera FC-7800

Alicat Scientific

Alicat Mass Flow Controller


Porter Model 201
Porter Model 202
Porter Model 202A
Porter Model 203A
Porter Model 204A
Porter Model 251
Porter Mode; 261
Porter Model 2201
Porter Model 601
Porter Model 602
Porter Model 602A
Porter Model 603A
Porter Model 604A
Porter Model 651
Porter Model 600CV
Porter Model 601CV
Porter Model 600AV
Porter Model 601AV

Mass Flow Meters We Can Replace

Brooks Instruments

Brooks 0151E


MKS 579 Series

Tylan - Millpore 

Tylan  FC-360 Series
Tylan FM-3900 Series


Alicat Mass Flow Meter


Aalborg GFM Mass Flow Meter
Aalborg DFM Mass Flow Meter
Aalborg XFM Mass Flow Meter


Porter Model 111
Porter Model 112
Porter Model 113
Porter Model 114
Porter Model 121
Porter Model 122
Porter Model 2211
Porter Model 511
Porter Model 512
Porter Model 513
Porter Model 514
Porter Model 521
Porter Model 522
Porter Model 510C
Porter Model 511B
Porter Model 511AC
Porter Model 513AC


Omega FMA-1600A
Omega FMA-LP1600A