Helium Leak Detector Repair & Service

Helium Leak Detector Service

Helium Leak Detector Repair & Service

Helium leak detectors are very costly and sophisticated instruments that should be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the leak detector is ready when needed. Inside the helium leak detector is a roughing pump, high vacuum turbo pump, vacuum gauging and a magnetic sector mass spectrometer. Recommended service for helium leak detectors include:


  1. Oil changes in the roughing pump usually after 1500-2000 hours of service.
  2. Preventative maintenance cleaning/tune up on a yearly basis
  3. Turbo service/exchange on most models after about 20,000 hours
  4. Calibrated leak re-calibration on a yearly basis at an A2LA accredited facility (if required)

We can provide all these services along with providing helium leak detector repair on units with mechanical, vacuum or electrical issues. Turn around time is usually 2-3 weeks and rental units are available on request (additional charge).

Quotes for helium leak detector repair can be obtained by using the Helium Leak Detection Support Dashboard. While there you can get service RMA's along with product information, product and accessories quotations, arrange rentals and receive technical support.

Helium Leak Detector  Repair & Service
Repair-Preventative Maintenance- Calibrations


Helium Leak Detectors Serviced & Repaired


Leybold Leak Detectors

Phoenix Vario
Phoenix Quadro
Phoenix Magno
Phoenix L300i
Phoenix L300i Modul
Phoenix L300i Dry
PhoeniXL 300
PhoeniXL 300 Modul
PhoeniXL 300 Dry
Leybold L200
Leybold UL 200
Leybold UL 200 dry
UL 200 Modul
UL 500
UL 100
Ultratest F

Inficon Leak Detectors

UL 200
UL 1000
Modul 1000

A2LA Calibration of Calibrated Leaks

Providing annual NIST traceable re-calibrated leak services meeting International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ANSI/NCSLI Z540-1-1994. This service can be done during the annual PM or by sending the leak in for yearly calibration. Customers receive a calibration certificate and label for placement on the unit indicating the calibration.

Pfeiffer Adixen Alcatel Models

Alcatel Adixen ASM 142
Alcatel Adixen ASM 142 Dry
Alcatel ASM 180
Alcatel ASM 120H
Pfeiffer SmartTest 550, 560, & 570
Pfeiffer ASM 340
Pfeiffer Adixen ASM 182
Pfeiffer Adixen ASM 192
Basic maintenance on all other models