M&T Systems Polycold Service & Refrigerant

Polycold Service

M&T Systems is the leading service provider for Polycold, Telemark & MegaCold Water Vapor Cryo-Traps. M&T provides field service, in-house rebuild, refrigerant charges, upgrades to new refrigerants and some spare parts.  Our service technicians are either ex-factory service techs or trained by our Service Manager, who has 30+ years of experience. Our rebuild techniques replicate the original manufacturing as closely as possible using the same foaming and testing equipment used in the initial manufacturing. All repaired and rebuilt units are heat load tested to insure they meet new equipment specifications.

Polycold Service Facilty

Polycold Service

  • Complete Rebuild of Polycold
  • Field Service Repairs
  • Upgrade of older  units to meet environmental green gas standards (ex. upgrade PFC 1100HC to use PFC 1102HC Refrigerant)
  • Upgrade ST Units to HC capacity

Polycold Refrigerant- Cryocoils- Spare Parts

  • Refrigerant for all models of Polycolds
  • Spare Parts for all Polycold Units
  • Cryocoil Design and Manufacture
  • Refrigerant Lines & Feedthroughs