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What is Our Mission

Needing to make equipment decisions is frequent and securing the best product solutions with the technical support you need is problematic. At Apex, we have great Products and Product Brands, along with the best in technical support to yield the total solution you require.

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Apex Vacuum has our own products and in addition sells products from the best vacuum brands to offer customers a wide array of product choices. We pair these products with great technical support and advice to insure best product performance for the application.

Our Apex Products-
Vacuum, Leak Detection &  Gas Flow Applications


Vacuum Pumps- Rotary Mechanical Vacuum Pumps  (single & dual stage) for industrial and Reseach applications.

Vacuum HardwareNW (also known as KF or QF), ISO, CF and Weld Fittings, Vacuum Traps and Valves. buydnponline

Mass Flow Instrumentation- Our Apex branded mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers provide the most versatile, accurate and robust precise gas flow equipment on the market. Our units provide multi-gas capability, ultra-fast updates and the best in class accuracy.

Wire Seal Feedthroughs- Power or thermocouple feedthroughs either into vacuum or glovebox applications joker123official

Ferrofluid Rotary Vacuum Feedthroughs- For transmitting particulate free, rotary motion into a vacuum chamber pussy888official


Apex Brands

Brands of Vacuum

Our Apex Products.....Precise Control......Technology Driven

Apex Vacuum Pumps by NAVAC- Mechanical Single & Dual Stage

vacuum componenets

Vacuum Components
Rough- UHV Vacuum

UHV valve

Vacuum Valves

Rotary vacuum seal to replace Ferrotec and Rigaku Feedthroughs

Ferrofluid Rotary Vacuum Seal Feedthrough

vacuum pressure controller

Vacuum Pressure Controll
Atm. to 1x10e-04 torr

Electrical feedthoughs

Electrical Feedthroughs