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Water or Liquid Flow Control and Measurement

Apex Water or Liquid Flow Controllers provide an accurate, fast control and measurement for distilled and de-ionized water. This Apex Liquid Flow device uses differential pressure measurements for accurate measurement of flow, and provides for the liquid flow of water instead of the gas flow versions. The Apex Liquid Flow Controllers and Water Flow Meters use all the same communications as the Gas Flow Meters and Controls, and allows for easy integration of water control into your gas control system. We provide flow meters and controllers with flow ranges from 0.5 CCM to 10 LPM. All units come with Temperature measurement, with the option to add Pressure Measurement. Apex Liquid Flow Meters are available with a portable battery pack for those who may desire to use one meter for multiple systems.

This device is compatible with the BB9 box and is has RS-232 communications, although other communications are easily added to this device. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the Apex Liquid Flow Devices and their ability to work for your application.

Liquid & Water Flow Measurement

Apex Water Flow Controllers and Meters

Apex Water and Liquid Flow Controllers combine accurate measurement with fast control for distilled and de-ionized water. The Apex Water Flow Meters and Controllers use differential pressure measurements across a laminar flow stack for precise water flow measurement. Although for water flow applications, the Apex Water Flow Meters and Controllers have the same communications (0-5V,0-10V, 4-20mamps & RS232) and controls as our gas units and are easily integrated into any system. Our Apex Liquid Flow Controllers and Meters can measure and control  flows as low as 0.5 CCM (cubic centimeters per minute) to 10 LPM (liters per minute). All units come standard with constant in-line temperature measurement as well as the option to add pressure measurement. Other options include a portable battery pack for the water flow meter as well as special fittings and electrical connections to fit your application. 

Advantages of Apex Gas and Liquid Flow Devices

  • Constant Temperature Measurement with optional Pressure Measurement
  • Fast 20 millisecond valve control
  • 50 to 1 Turn-down Ratio
  • High Accuracy with error never exceeding more than 2%
  • Control up to 26 Apex devices with one Computer or PLC
  • No additional rack mounted control board, power supply boxes, or display supplies needed
  • No Warm-up Time Needed for Start-up
  • RS-232 and Analog Communication with every unit