Scrollvac & Ecodry-Smaller Dry Pumps

Leybold Vacuum Pumps

SCROLLVACplus  7 , 10, 15 & 18 Scroll Vacuum Pumps
ECODRYplus 40 & 65 Multi-Stage Roots Vacuum Pumps

SCROLLVAC - Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps

SCROLLVACplus Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Dry Roughing Scroll Vacuum Pumps- SCROLLVAC

  • No Oil, Absolutely Dry Scroll Technology
  • Pump bearings isolated from the vacuum space eliminating any risk of contamination
  • Integrated gas ballast permits pumping of condensable vapors
  • Robust pump with high vapor capacity for industrial & laboratory applications
  • Low Power Consumption/Air Cooling
  • Single-phase variant feature universal voltage drive for constant performance world-wide
  • No shaft seal to wear and hence longer service intervals 
  • Optional C variant may be used for some applications involving the pumping of aggressive gases


Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps well-suited for use in all applications which require a dry and clean vacuum:
Electron beam welding
Leak detection systems
Accelerators / synchrotrons
Surface analysis instruments
Scanning electron microscopes
Load lock / transfer chambers
Lamp manufacturing
Backing pump for turbomolecular pumps

7 Plus , 10 Plus, 15 Plus & 18 Plus

SCROLLVAC is designed to perform across a wide spectrum of applications, from laboratory to light industrial. The SCROLLVAC provides industry-leading performance handling water vapor along with the longest maintenance service interval. C Variant versions employ chemical resistant exhaust check valve and gas ballast valve along with stainless steel inlet and exhaust flanges. The SCROLLVAC can also handle some of the most aggressive chemical applications needed by researchers.

ECODRYplus 40 & ECODRYplus 65 Dry Vacuum Pumps

Ecodry Vacuum Multi-Stage Roots

ECODRYplus Dry Vacuum Pump Technology

  • No Oil- Total Dry Multi-Stage Roots Technology
  • Contact-free pump design produces no wear particles
  • Low-power drive unit ensures highest energy efficiency
  • The pump needs no auxiliary materials and no maintenance by the customer.
  • Integrated gas ballast for pumping high concentrations of water vapor.
  • Quiet operation for better work environment -52 dB(A)


Minimal vibration for ultra-sharp microscopy
Cryo-pump regeneration
Analytical instruments like mass spectrometers

Backing pump for turbomolecular pumps

ECODRYplus 40
ECODRYplus 65

The ECODRY plus is a family of dry-compression multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps, which operate quietly at 52 dB(A). The ECODRY plus had been specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments. ECODRY plus provide clean non contacting  vacuum at maximum pumping speeds of 40 and 55 m³/h. Maintenance intervals are measured in years.

The pumps are based on the multi-stage Roots pumping principle with two contactless rotating rotors turning in opposite direction. Through their rotation the gas is moved from the inlet to the exhaust. By the effect of multiple pumping stages the gas is compressed from medium vacuum range to ambient pressure.

Product Videos

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