Production Hydrogen & Refrigerant Leak Detector-VL20

Tracer gas leak detector using hydrogen mixture as the tracer gas

VL20 Refrigerant & H2 Leak Detector - Detect Refrigerant & Hydrogen Tracer Gas- One Probe

One Probe for Two Different Tracer Gases

Showing Response time of the VL20

Leak Checking Basics- Technical & Practical

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Helium vs. Hydrogen Leak Detection Blog

If you are looking for information on moving from helium as a tracer gas to hydrogen, this information is for you. We detail the cost savings and performance considerations you can expect to see in moving away from helium to hydrogen tracer gas. (5% H2/ 95% N2 non-combustible)


The VL20, Hydrogen Leak Detector for production and mobile leak detection sniffer applications.  The Lokator VL20 is designed for both service and production applications such in industries such as HVAC or RAC manufacturing.  The  VL20 is the choice for fine leak rate sensitivity and can replace helium sniffers where the cost of helium tracer gas can be replaced by 5% H2/95 % N2, which is a fraction of the cost of helium.

The universal probe in the VL20 detects both refrigerant and the 5/95 hydrogen mixture tracer gas. Refrigerant gases detected include R290, HFC, HFO, and R600a.

Detection limit by tracer gas is as follows:

0. 5 g/yr- HFC, HFO, R134a, R407a, R404a, R410a
0.5 g/yr- R600a & R290
1x10-5 atm cc/sec  5% H2/ 95% N2 for R134A equivalent

Product Features Base Unit

-Shock proof housing
-Intuitive interface with 4 line LCD
-Easy Low Maintenance
-Simple Calibration
-Visual indication of leaks, degassing, saturation and ambient contamination
-Automatic zero of background gases (ambient contamination)
- Self-Checking of probe connection, power supply, probes and connections
-Audible leak rate indication
-Optional Battery  Pack w/ 3 hr battery life

Product Features Probes

-Hydrogen Probe detects H2 Gas only
-All Probes Plug and Play
-Red LED Leak Indicator on handle
-Probe consists of suction block, sniffing pipe and sensor cell



All wear parts of our products are simply and quickly replacing : Probes and Detection Cells, Sniffing Pipes, Double Plug Cable.

Applications Include

Coil Manufacturing
AC Assembly
Automotive AC Systems
Refrigeration Systems Manufacturing & Service
Replace Bubble Emission Testing
Water Heater Manufacturing
Medical  Equipment Integrity
Power Generation Applications
Replacement Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
Replacement of Helium Sniffers

Tracer gas leak detector using hydrogen mixture as the tracer gas

Base Unit

Tracer gas leak detector using hydrogen mixture as the tracer gas


Tracer gas leak detector using hydrogen mixture as the tracer gas

Connector Cable