Leak Checking Basics- Technical & Practical

Leak Detection Training Opportunity - For Operations, QC & Engineers

We would like to invite you to participate in our leak detection training. This training is both Technical and Practical, so good for your leak check operations people, QC and engineers. This training is mostly intended for leak test sniffing but we will compare the other leak detection techniques so that everyone understands which leak checks are appropriate for Automotive, HVAC and Refrigeration Products. We will also go over the best practices for proper sniffer leak detection.
In addition, we will provide the information for moving from helium sniffing to a 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen tracer gas. The cost of helium gas has exploded over the past few years thus there is a quick return on investment today to move to less expensive H2(non-flammable) tracer gas and less expensive leak detectors. So we will outline the differences you would see in moving from helium to the 5/95 Hydrogen mixture.
Finally, we will provide a quick demonstration of our VL20 and VL30 Hydrogen Leak Detectors.
Your questions are welcome.
Should you want to schedule a private online training session for your location or company personnel, just let us know and we can accommodate at a separate time(also at no cost). Training like this is instrumental to doing quality leak checks and we want to help. A private session would allow your people to ask questions about your particular product and unique issues
Training Agenda


Leak Detection Technologies- Advantages & Limitations- Detection Limits for Each Technique (10 minutes)

Bubble Test

Soap Test

Pressure Decay/Vacuum Decay/Mass Flow

Helium Sniffer

Hydrogen Sniffer

Hard Vacuum Chamber Test


Leak Detection Sniffing Principles (5 Minutes)

Leak Test Pressure vs Operating Pressure of the Test Product- Does Pressure Matter?

Leak Test Operator Best Practices


Helium vs. Hydrogen Sniffing- How They are Different in Finding the Leak (5 Minutes)

Background Issues of Each Gas

Characteristics of Helium and Hydrogen on Leak Detection Sniffing

Cost of Each Gas and How They Compare Cost Wise


Brief Equipment Demonstration VL20 & VL30 (10 Minutes)

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