Leybold Vacuum

Leybold Vacuum
Mechnical Vacuum pump
High Vacuum Gauge
turbomolecular pump
Varodry Vacuum Pump

Leybold is one of the predominate names in vacuum having started 160+ plus years ago. Today, Leybold is helping lead the way in industrial vacuum and R&D applications. Vacuum range for equipment can be from atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum (UHV). Apex is pleased to sell Leybold's vacuum pumps. vacuum gauges, helium leak detection equipment, vacuum valves and other equipment. Primary product areas are as follows:


  • oil sealed roughing pumps
  • dry industrial rough pumps
  • dry R&D rough pumps
  • vacuum roots blowers
  • roots blower systems
  • high vacuum turbopumps
  • high vacuum diffusion pumps
  • vacuum gauges
  • helium leak detection equipment

Rough Vacuum Oil Sealed (down to 1 millitorr)

rotary vane pump

Dual stage oil sealed rotary vane pump- range atmosphere to > 1 millitorr

 single stage rotary vane pump sogevac

Single stage oil sealed rotary vane pump  16-750 m3/hr

Rough Dry Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Dry Vacuum Pump

Dry Industrial Vacuum Pump 60-200 m3/hr

Scroll Pump

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump 12-18 m3/hr

multistage roots vacuum pump

Dry Multi-stage Roots Vacuum Pump 40-65 m3/hr

Roots Blowers and  Rough Vacuum Blower Systems

roots vacuum pump

Roots Blowers

roots vacuum pump systems

Roots Blowers Systems with both wet and dry vacuum pumps

dry vacuum pumps

SCREWLINE dry industrial vacuum pumps 250-630 m3/hr air cooled

dry vacuum pumps

DRYVAC dry industrial vacuum pumps 450-1200 m3/hr

dry vacuum pumps

LEYVAC dry industrial vacuum pumps 80-250 m3/hr

High Vacuum Pumps

dry vacuum pumps

TURBOVAC 90-450 i/iX Turbomolecular Pumps (Hybrid Design)

dry vacuum pumps

TURBOVAC Magnetically Levitated Turbo Pumps 350-2200 l/s

DIP vacuum pumps

DIJ Diffusion Pumps

Vacuum Gauging

High vacuum gauges

Vacuum Gauges and Sensors atmosphere to 1x10e-10 torr

Helium Leak Detection

helium leak detection

Helium Leak Detector Systems