HRD 92 SC Hydrogen & Refrigerant Leak Detector

HRD 92 The Highest Quality, Great Leak Rate Sensitivity, Field Replaceable Sensor

The HRD 92 SC Hydrogen Leak Detector provides high sensitivity leak detection for sniffer leak detection. The HRD 92 SC uses a field replaceable sensor to detect leaks as low as 1 gram/yr of HFC & HFO refrigerants as well as N2/H2 tracer gas (non-combustible 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen). The Universal Sensor Block in the HRD 92 allows the user to detect both refrigerant (HFC,HFO,R600 & R290) and the 95/5 Hydrogen-Nitrogen tracer gas mixture. The graduated light rail display displays the leak rate in a progression of x1,x2,x3,x5,x10 as an estimate of leak rate.

In the past decade, hydrogen leak detection has provided a lower cost tracer gas as compared to helium for sniffing applications. Helium has many important uses such as MRI's and research applications that uses it's cooling power for important treatments and research. Using the hydrogen tracer gas mixture in sniffing applications frees up this important gas for more critical applications. Hydrogen is an abundant low cost gas perfect for inside/out(sniffer) leak detection applications.

The HRD 92 has a field replaceable sensor along with solid state electronics to provide reliable uptime for important applications.


Where To Use The HRD 92 SC
Replacing Helium Sniffing & Other Less Sensitive Methods

The HRD 92 SC can be used to replace bubble emission leak detection, soapy spray (watch for bubbles to form), pressure decay, infra-red, and ultrasonic leak detection. Hydrogen leak detection is up to 1,000 times more sensitive than these other methods. Hydrogen/Nitrogen Tracer Gas (5/95) is less than a quarter the cost of helium and is abundant on earth. So pricing and availability is no problem for the tracer gas making it an ideal replacement for helium sniffing.

Spare Parts for HRD 92 SC