Apex Vacuum Pressure Controller 1mTorr to 1000Torr CDG Sensor


**For more customizable options, visit our Apex Systems Configuration Builder**



Output – Output of the pressure controller can be in the form of 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20 mAmps. Every Apex device has RS-232 capability and does not need to be specified.

Secondary Output – Second output capability. This output can be the mass flow rate, temperature, pressure or volumetric flow rate.

Special Gas Connectors – We can provide a welded VCR female fitting on the gas inlet and output of the meter.

Industrial Connector Option – Controller can be outfitted with a screw on industrial connector for more secure fit on the communications cable. Supplied with a 10 ft. industrial connector cable. Standard communications cable has a 8 Pin Mini Din connector.


**For more customizable options, visit our Apex Systems Configuration Builder**


The Apex Vacuum Pressure Controller uses the Apex Controller, a Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge on the chamber and a cable to control an input pressure entered on the Apex PC. The Apex Pressure Controller can control 3 decades below the full scale value of the CDG from 1000 torr down to 1 torr. The Capacitence Diaphragm Gauge Full Scale Ranges are 1000 torr, 100 torr, 10 torr, 1 torr and 0.1 torr.

The Vacuum Pressure Controller is accurate to +/-0.5% of FS and repeatable to +/-0.5% of full scale.

A 115V/60Hz power cable(PVPS24U) is provided to power the unit.

The Apex Mass Pressure Controller can be set via the on-board display

Input and Output are a standard 0-5V. If you want other options, you can customize those in our Apex Systems Configuration Builder. For the end user, flows can be read and the controller set via the on-board display. FlowVision Software can be purchased for using a computer to record and graph the flows. The gas selection can also be made from the computer.

For use with a system, a 6 ft. cable(DC-61) or a 25 ft. cable(DC-251) can be purchased in the communication cable section. One end is the 9 pin Din connector to connect to the Apex MFC, while the other end are blank wires.


System consists of:

Apex Pressure Controller with quick adjustment fine resolution valve
Oerlikon Leybold Capacitence Diaphragm Gauge
Cable between the Controller and Gauge
Power Supply-PVPS24U Plug In with International Plug Set

Additional information

Pressure Full Scale Range

1000 Torr Full Scale, 100 Torr Full Scale, 10 Torr Full Scale, 1 Torr Full Scale, 0.1 Torr Full Scale

CDG Vacuum Gauge Flange / Fitting

KF16, Cajon 8 VCR, 1/2" Tube, DN16 ConFlat

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