Polycold Refrigerant Charges for Models ending in a 2


Replacement Refrigerant Charges for Polycold models ending in 02 and MaxCool. These are the “green gas” charges.


Polycold Refrigerant Charge Gases for all models ending in a 2. These charges are replacements in each of the Polycold specific units indicated. Below is a link for installation of the refrigerant. We offer both replacement full charges and replacement top-off charges.

Installation Procedure- provided at www.schoonoverinc.com

Models such as



PFC 1102

PFC 672

PFC 552

Note: Our Polycold refrigerant charges are not the same as those sold by the Manufacturer. Our offering is a different gas blend that has been long-term tested to effectively cool the Polycold coils. So there are no performance disadvantages and will work effectively over the long-term in your Polycold.

Should you be looking for Polycold Refrigerants for older units ending in a “0”, click this link to see pricing for Refrigerant Charges.

Additional information


PFC-1102HC, PFC-662HC, PFC-552HC, PFC-1102HC-PFC-672HC or PFC-662HC Top Off, MaxCool, MaxCool Top Off