Apex Vacuum

Our Apex Mass Flow & Pressure Control Technology

Fast.....Accurate...Repeatable Mass Flow Technology

Apex for 10 millisecond response (100 millisecond control for controllers)  with 1% or less inaccuracy

Apex Mass Flow Controllers, Meters and Pressure Controllers

Using pressure as the variable instead of temperature in the flow equation, provides fast response, less overshoot and the ability to change gases in a 30 onboard gas library. Apex Flow devices use differential pressure instead of temperature to calculate the flow. This means that our Apex is multi-gas (with on-board gas library), extremely fast (100 millisecond to control) and offers outstanding accuracy. Our accuracy of 0.2% full scale + 0.8% of reading (0.2% FS + 0.4% Reading for high accuracy option) makes us more accurate than other comparable flow meters and controllers.

With our PID loop technology, each Apex unit comes with a standard set-up. Once you integrate into your system, you have the option to change the PID parameters to optimize your process.

With the controller on the unit, there is no need for expensive power supply or display boxes. An accessory we can provide is a universal wall socket adapter for powering the Apex unit(s). For communications, we can offer software options for operating and mixing gases. For LabView users, we can provide a driver to operate. Many users choose to use the on-board displays and buttons on the unit to set and control.

For Apex Mass Flow Technical Specifications see our Apex Product Catalog

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