Leak Detector Contamination Filter-LDL/LDS


Leak Detector Inlet Filter to 10 microns. Stainless Steel mesh construction.

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LDL Series of Filters to Prevent Damage to Helium Leak Detectors

Dust, dirt and particulate can over time severely damage an expensive an expensive mass spectrometer helium leak detector. The LDL/LDS Series Helium Leak Detector Filter traps particles before they can get into mass spec.


The LDL filter is manufactured out of high quality stainless steel and can be outfitted with NW25 or NW40 ports (NW is also known as KF). The LDL has a removable and cleanable 10 micron stainless steel filter insert. The LDL has significant surface area to enable trapped helium to be removed with fast clean-up so not to hinder production time. Maintenance is simple & quick.

Additional information

Configuration Style

Right Angle, Straight Through, T-Style, Replacement Filter Element(Any Style)

Flange Size

NW25, NW40

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