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Hydro-Lok – Hydrogen Leak Detection System for Underground Lines


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Gas Regulator- Standard regulator has a maximum pressure of 250 psi. Lower gas pressure regulator limits the pressure to 50 psi.

Hose to Connect tank to Regulator-50 ft.

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The Hydro-Lok Hydrogen Leak Detector is designed for finding leaks in underground lines. Tracer gas of 5% hydrogen/ 95% nitrogen is used to pressurize the underground water lines or pipes. Depending on the depth of the pipe and the type soil, there is a waiting period to allow the gas to percolate to the surface. Hydrogen is a lighter than air molecule that moves straight up out of the leak and out into the air. The water or pipeline is then walked, checking the ground every foot until the leak is located.

Hydro-Lok System (Can be purchased as a full system or parts as needed):

1.Hydrogen Sensor- Can detect down to the single digit ppm’s of 5/95 tracer gas with probe
2.High Pressure Hydrogen Regulator- With Proper hydrogen fitting
3.50 ft. Connection Line with Quick Connect Fittings


Characteristics of Hydrogen Leak Detection

5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen is a non-combustible gas (Green Label)

– Non-Toxic totally enviromentally friendly tracer gas

– 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen (5/95 Gas) is inexpensive

– Leak area can be defined within a 3 foot circular area

– No cross sensitivity issues to other gases- no false signals

– Sensitivity from 25 ppm TLD.500 model

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None, Standard 250psi Max Pressure

Air Hose to Connect Regulator to Fill Connection

Yes, No

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