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TLD.1000 Hydrogen Leak Detector


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The TLD.1000  Hydrogen Leak Detector measures leaks and provides a quantifiable leak rate as low as 1 ppm. Display is located on the handset and is displayed in ppm. There are actually two sensors in the TLD.1000. The wide ranging sensor used at start-up does not detect just hydrogen but also gases with similar properties. This sensor is extremely sensitive to hydrogen. To insure there is no “false positive, you would then initiate the hydrogen only sensor on the handset. The TLD.1000 would then display the quantitative reading starting as low as the 1 ppm. 

For More Information-

Product Literature-TLD.1000

Product Manual- TLD.1000

Video Demonstration-Demonstrates the Operation with a Calibrated Leak Source


Features TLD.1000 Hydrogen Leak Detector for Leak Detection Applications

Illuminated LCD
Quantitative Measurement in PPM
Sturdy Aluminum
Automatic Zero
Accoustic & Optical Alarm

Most importantly, EPA Regulations now require stricter controls on the release of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, using 5% hydrogen/95% nitrogen (green label non-combustible) as the tracer gas is the preferred method of detecting and locating leaks.

Using 5% hydrogen gas is:

* Completely Non-Combustible/Non-Toxic
* Inexpensive Tracer Gas
* Can be Safely Released into the Environment
* Small Leaks are Easily Located
* Dissipates Rapidly to not Contaminate the Area

  • Item #: L13005244
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